Not Sure If You Belong

How Vox is different.

Each of us comes to a new church with our past experiences – good and bad – in tow. If church has previously been a space of hurt and pain, it can be difficult to think about trying one more time. If you’ve never had an experience of church, it can be hard to know what to expect.


Everyone is on a journey.

Vox gathers together as a people trying to make sense of and follow Jesus. Each of us is on a journey of discovery and belief. Whether you’ve been part of the church your whole life, or just beginning to explore where faith might fit in to your experience, there’s space for you on this journey. Non-believers, skeptics, questioners and committed followers of Jesus alike – we’re all on a journey of exploring our faith, and the one thing we’re sure of is that this journey was never meant to be done on our own!

We love questions.

Jesus’ first followers asked lots of questions, and if we want to follow Jesus, it shouldn’t surprise us when we have questions, too! Whether your questions are about this week’s sermon, something you read on your own or some aching question deep in your bones, we would love to connect and chew over these questions with you. We don’t promise we’ll always have all the answers, but we’d love to join you in the questions!

It takes time.

The journey of following Jesus is just that – a journey. Whether you’ve been a Jesus-follower as far back as you can remember or today was the first time you ever let yourself think about this journey, it’s okay for it to be a process, and for it to take time. As you think about joining us, we want you to know exactly what to expect at Vox.

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