No Condemnation. Just Grace.

Vox is church without all the baggage!

Our Church Your Visit

Everyone has a seat at the table.

We want you to know that you are welcome to come as you are. Young or Old. Disabled or Able-Bodied. Rich or Poor. Male, Female, Trans, or Non-Binary. Gay, Straight, or Queer. We’ve made space at the Table no matter your story or background. Vox Community Church will always be a safe & accessible space of belonging for anyone who wants to journey with us as we try to follow Jesus.

Following Jesus means that Vox Community Church is unequivocally LGBTQ affirming, and committed to empowering women, those with disabilities, BIPOC, and others marginalized by the church and society. We believe in creating a radically inclusive community. Learn more about our commitments to marginalized communities in our LGBTQ Commitment and Accessibility Commitment within our church.

Our ‘Bigger Table’ Philosophy


What makes Vox different?

Everyone's on a journey

Vox gathers together as a people trying to make sense of and follow Jesus. Each of us is on a journey of discovery and belief.

We love questions

Jesus’ first followers asked lots of questions, and if we want to follow Jesus, it shouldn’t surprise us when we have questions, too!

It takes time

The journey of following Jesus is just that – a journey. It’s okay for your journey to be a process, and for it to take time.

What to expect at Vox.

We know that a lot of people are nervous about going to a church for the first time. It can be tough because you have no idea what to expect. You might be a little worried that things will be weird and you’ll feel uncomfortable. We get that, so we thought that maybe we’d explain what goes on Sunday mornings to you, so you’ll be a little better prepared.


We kick Sunday service off at 10:30ish.

We meet at “The Loft” at 125 Anne Street South in Barrie (behind the Moving Art Dance Studio). Don’t worry if you can’t be on time – show up at 10am or 10:40am. We’ll save you a seat!


You can join in person or remotely.

If you can’t make it to our weekend service in person on Sunday, you can join in remotely on Facebook and YouTube! Best part is the remote sermons are saved so you can go back to them.


We start off with a few songs.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously – so join in with singing if you feel up to it! After that, we’ll pause for announcements, any birthday celebrations, and grab a warm drink to catch up.


After a break, we begin the teachings.

We’re fortunate enough to have our teaching team, made up of several members of our leadership team, lead us through the sermon each week, to help us think through the week.


Kids are always welcome at our church.

We love the noise and energy of kids! COVID has had a big impact on our kids programs, so we offer childcare for those children who would find it hard to sit through the service.


We hope to see you here one day.

No explanation of what happens here on a Sunday morning will ever quite cuts it, so ultimately we hope you’ll visit us to discover what Vox is all about for yourself!