Making a Difference

On Mission

As we explore who Jesus was and what he called us to do, we get this idea of being ‘On Mission’ with and for Jesus. Although this word ‘mission’ has been used by lots of different folks in lots of different ways over the years, we take Jesus’ words to heart when he said he had come to announce good news for the poor, the captive and the oppressed (Luke 4:18-19), and we believe that should drive what we do as a faith community as well. Because we want to follow Jesus, we have a strong desire to make our involvement in the community a priority. Sometimes we do this through our own initiatives. Sometimes we do this by supporting organizations and groups already involved in caring for those struggling in Barrie.

Making a Difference Wherever We Can.

Some of the things that we do (and have done in the past) at Vox fit into neat little categories, like our ongoing work partnering with Redwood Park Communities or when we participated in a Refugee Sponsorship program. But we have found lots of other opportunities over the years to get involved. COVID has paused a lot of these efforts, but as restrictions give way, we are looking for new opportunities to show up in real and tangible ways that make a difference.

And we don’t think it should just be the adults who get to make a difference in our community!

The Vox Kids fill backpacks each Christmas with needed items for individuals living at a local halfway house. They also use our Vox Sox Box to help us support those experiencing homelessness through the David Busby Centre. And the annual ‘Drive-In’ movie gives us a chance to collect drinks for Rose Romita’s annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner.

On top of that, our Jr. High students are active once a month in cooking to provide meals for struggling members of our community. Some go to families at Vox who are struggling. Other times they have made packed lunches for our street affected population in Barrie or those living in Tent City.


Redwood Park Communities.

In 2009, one of our community members stepped out and started an organization called Redwood Park Communities. Their goal was to provide housing for those in the city who could not afford it. They began their mission by partnering with the local Women’s Shelter to provide transitional housing for the women who were leaving the shelter. In 2013, Redwood Park Communities purchased a local property. They renovated it to create five transitional units and a community space. In the years since, Redwood Park Communities has expanded to create 49 new homes and house over 500 people to date. Vox has been there every step of the way. Please consider taking a few moments to head over to their website to learn more about this amazing organization, and perhaps consider funding them through a regular monthly donation.