Our Leadership

Vox Leadership.

Church leadership has taken a real hit over the past decades. In many churches it carries too much weight – too much power – too much unquestionable authority. None of which is helpful, and none of which has anything to do with trying to follow Jesus. But unfortunately, without leadership of some sort, churches tend not to last very long. So at Vox, we have been working towards a plurality of leadership – lots of people, all showing up with their gifts, to do the work of leading the church together.

Bivocational Pastors.

“Bivocational” is a fancy word, but it means something important – it means that the pastors at Vox are all volunteers, same as everyone else. They work jobs to help pay their bills, but together as a church we have decided that they have the gifts and experience to provide teaching and leadership for us as a community. These are your point people if you ever need to talk to someone:

Nathan Barnes.

This is Nathan. He’s been here the longest, but is the worst at answering emails. In his defense, he drives a junk truck during the week, and we don’t really want him trying to answer emails while he’s driving.

If he’s ever away on a Sunday morning, you know he’s gone hiking in the woods, and he’s sure to bring back lots of stories to use in his sermons over the coming weeks.

Heather Morgan.

This is Heather. She’s the newest part of this team, but she’s been part of Vox for over ten years now, deconstructing and then reconstructing her faith over the years. These days she’s a full-time student at a seminary in Toronto, so sometimes we have to remind her to use regular-people words, but she tries hard! She’s openly queer, neurodiverse, a power wheelchair user, and one of the people who offers pastoral care to folks in our community. If you’re struggling and need to talk, feel free to reach out – she’s got a comfy, wheelchair-accessible office in town, or is always happy to schedule a phone call or Zoom chat.

Roy Snow.

This is Roy, our bearded warrior for Jesus. Unlike Nathan and Heather, Roy didn’t grow up in the church, but one day Jesus came knocking, and couldn’t be ignored.

If someone had the middle name “interesting” you’d find it with Roy. At any given moment he might be fixing a vacuum pump, helping someone with a paralegal issue, out in the wilderness or fixing things in his garage. Roy’s another person who offers pastoral care to our community. If you’ve got questions or you’re struggling, he’s always game to meet up for lunch or a beer and chat it out.

Leaders Come in All Shapes and Sizes.

Along with our three bivocational pastors, Vox has a number of people that help this community function. We have a group of elder’s that meets together once a month to help lead and direct us, people who run the technology that allows us to host the service and livestream, others who take the lead in making sure we have coffee, tea and snacks on Sunday mornings, folks who help provide care and teaching for our kids, and people who are great at reaching out to check in when things aren’t going so well.

Ultimately at Vox, we believe in relationships and connections over titles; shared ministry over hierarchy; and tangible presence over org charts.

So, if you’d like to get to know Roy, Heather, Nathan or anyone else who helps to make Vox who it is, then we’d love for you to visit us, grab a coffee or a beer and get to know each other.